Seoul National University, Aerospace Vehicle Design Laboratory (AVDL)
Building# 301, Room# 1213
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu 
Seoul 08826

Seoul National University - Aerospace Vehicle Design Laboratory

The Aerospace Vehicle Design Laboratory (AVDL) of Seoul National University (SNU) has been investigating various research subjects in the field of numerical simulation, such as aircraft/high-speed train icing, helicopter aerodynamics, and multi-discipline design optimization.

In the field of aircraft icing, SNU has a lot of experiences and capabilities in developing aircraft icing simulation code. SNU has independently developed OpenFOAM based icing simulation code called ICEPAC (Ice Contour Evaluation and Performance Evaluation Code). ICEPAC can simulate various icing phenomenon with consideration of roughness formation, supercooled large droplet (SLD), and thermal IPS system. From the substantial experience in developing simulation codes not only in the field of aircraft icing but also in the field of helicopter aerodynamics, SNU is currently developing the 3D helicopter icing code which could simultaneously predict the ice accretion on rotor blade and fuselage.

Role in the project

WP 3 – Numerical methods
  • Development and implementation of improved roughness model based on the physics of roughness development.
  • Development and implementation of the heat transfer coefficient (HTC) prediction model which can consider the transition due to roughness distribution.
  • Numerical simulation of the ice shedding from rotating component, especially for the rotor blade, by predicting the force acting on the surface of rotating component.