08 June 2021
Evening Lecture

At the Institute of Aviation of the FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences in Graz an evening lecture was held on 8th of June 2021. After a general introduction to the phenomena of in-flight icing, project JOICE was presented, following an interesting discussion and exchange of experiences with in-flight icing. About 50 persons attended the evening lecture.

23 April 2021
SAE AC-9C Aircraft Icing Technology Committee Meeting

From 19 to 23 of April 2021 the SAE AC-9C Aircraft Icing Technology Committee meeting was held. SAE is a worldwide active association and standards developing organization for engineering professionals  in various industries. The AC-9C Committee is focusing on developing standards and recommended practices in the area of aircraft icing. As part of the meeting, project JOICE was presented to the committee of international experts.

01 March 2021
Wing Mockup Geometry selected

As part of JOICE a 2D wing mockup and a 3D wing mockup will be manufactured and tested in the RTA icing wind tunnel under relevant conditions. The mockups will be used to generate validation data for the numerical methods developed within the project and included in the validation database. For the 2D wing mockup a NACA 23012 geometry was selected. The 3D wing mockup will be a 65% scaled wingtip section of the NASA common research model.

15 February 2021
Dowty Propellers joins the advisory board

Dowty Propellers, one of the world's leading manufacturers for integrated propeller systems, joins project JOICE as advisory board member.

14 December 2020
Advisory board meeting

The scope of the project and the planned research and development work was presented to the international advisory board.

10 November 2020
Kick-off meeting

The official kick-off meeting with all involved project partners was held and the upcoming project work reviewed. It was a succesful launch of the three year long project.

01 October 2020
Official start of project JOICE