JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
Institute for Information and communication technologies (DIGITAL)
Steyrergasse 17
8010 Graz


DIGITAL is active in the field of digital innovation and transformation and develops applied high tech solutions for the following markets: Mobility, Space, Industry, Security & Defence, Energy & Environment, AAL & Digital Care, and Culture & Creative Industries.  The institute is therefore one of the world’s leading application-oriented research partners and authorities in the field of information and communication technology (ICT).

The DIGITAL research group for Machine Vision Applications (MVA) has extensive experience in the evaluation and presentation of data from terrestrial monitoring and measurement systems using imaging techniques including laser scanners. Solutions and products are offered in particular for mobile data acquisition and tunnel surveying, for industrial inspection as well as for robot systems in extraterrestrial applications.

Role in the project

Experimental multi-stereo image acquisition device to be embedded in small-scale wind tunnel

WP 2 – Experimental methods
  • The MVA in close cooperation with AIIS will contribute to the 4D scanning by exploring methods and mechanisms for time-resolved 3D scanning via passive stereo imaging coupled with photometric methods
WP 4 – Ice detection and ice protection systems
  • A substudy is conducted by the MVA which covers vision-based ice accumulation analysis by applying camera-based monitoring methods in experimental form.