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Graz University of Technology - Institute of Electrical Measurement and Sensor Systems

The Institute of Electrical Measurement and Sensor Systems (EMS) is part of the Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering at Graz University of Technology. Research and teaching activities of EMS are in the fields of instrumentation and measurement, vision based and optical measurement, and measurement for energy storage applications. EMS provides experience in instrumentation, circuit design, modeling and simulation of measurement systems, as well as analog and digital signal processing.

Research at EMS and Graz University of Technology is conducted in collaboration with national and international industrial, as well as academic partners. The institute is and has been involved in multiple research projects and the development of instrumentation concerning the characterization of icing and snow environments in various applications: Total water content measurement, icing detection, (trace) humidity measurement, snowpack analysis, and others.

Role in the project

WP 2 – Experimental methods
  • Within work package two, TUG advances its development of a near-infrared optical probe that is designed to determine the fractions of the phases of water (liquid and ice water content; LWC/IWC) in icing conditions, such as clouds or freezing precipitation.
  • Characterization and calibration of the new instrument will be performed in cooperation with the JOICE icing wind tunnel operators, aiming at the LWC/IWC characterization of EASA CS25 Appendix O and C icing conditions in these facilities, enabling real-time monitoring and improved controllability of the environmental parameters.