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eologix sensor technology

Smart sensors for smart services, as eologix is convinced that for achieving the climate objectives, digital and sustainable solutions are necessary.

eologix offers innovative sensor systems for industries, such as wind industry, railway, aviation etc. At first, a sensor system for detecting ice directly on the rotor blades of wind turbines was brought on the market, as ice accumulation has a crucial impact on operation and maintenance of wind turbines. Lower return due to aerodynamic imbalances as well as safety of the power plant and its surroundings are of central importance.

The (retrofittable) sensor systems for early and exact detection of ice build-up based on wireless, flexible, smart and energy-self-sufficient sensors and are directly installed on the surface of rotor blades. eologix aims to further enhance the blade optimization with innovative sensor technology. Therefore, the sensor system is continuously further developed.

The operation and maintenance of rotor blades is up to 20% of the OPEX costs of a wind turbine and are therefore one of the highest cost drivers. The outer third of the blade is responsible for the largest share of energy generation and is also exposed to the highest forces (wind speed, temperature, blade bending etc.). For this reason, the first sensors that can be mounted directly on the entire surface of the rotor blade are developed, which are automatically both operating condition monitoring in real time and during the operation of the system. eologix plans to start comprehensive commercialization of further applications in 2021 and the following years.

With the help of ice detection, condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance, more infrastructure (such as track switches or drones) can be improved and life-cycle costs can be lowered. Therefore, eologix and industry leaders are working together in different research projects to further develop these industries.

Role in the project

WP 4 – Ice detection and ice protection systems
  • Development of an ice detection system to be integrated in the wing IPS combining electro-thermal, ice-phobic and mechanical components
  • Manufacturing and testing of the respective ice detectors